serge nepomnin

          Flowers are shards of sun, split into a spectrum of colors and sprayed over our world to keep our hearts awake for miracles of love. Their life is so short, but their legacy is gigantic. With tiny drops of transparent dyes on delicate, soft, shiny silk, I try to capture fleeting moments of their stories. I invite you to step into their magical world full of love, drama, sacrifice, generosity, beauty and there inevitable quick demise. My heart helps me to write those tales and I hope that they will find resonance in your heart as well.

          Whether it is a wall art piece, an object of interior décor or a wearable art piece, my designing process always starts from a message-feeling, which I then develop into a short story. Art Nouveau, French impressionists and Oriental Art were always the most important influences on my art throughout of more than 40 years of my artistic journey. Unlike the art of Erte or Alphonse Mucha, the main characters in my art are trees and flowers. They impersonate people of different character carrying all the same messages of love, forgiveness, tolerance, pacifism. As I was working as a fashion designer for more than twenty-five years, specifically for dance performances, I incorporate musicality, rhythms and dancing lines into my designs.