Works in Progress Part 2

Many of our members are traveling this summer, making and thinking about art in different places. I suspect we’ll see some effects of all that travel in the Fall.

Peggy Wiedemann is continuing to work on her chair…solving problems creatively…

IMG_5317 small.jpg

Carrie Burckle has been busy, pairing with clay artist Carolyn LaLiberte to curate an intimate exhibit HARD MUD SOFT THREADS.

California Fibers members Gail Fraser, Lydia Tjioe Hall, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, and Aneesa Shami have work in the exhibit, as well as artists Carolyn Mason, Carol Shaw-Sutton, Lesley Kice Nishigawa, and Lea Feinstein. The show is at The Loft, 401 S Mesa, San Pedro, California, and runs through August 18.


Michael F. Rohde is continuing his color series with a piece tentatively called Florid…


Keep watching. Members are always at work.

Works in Progress

California Fibers may not have any shows this summer, but we’re all busy on new projects.

Peggy Wiedemann is working on her second chair, trying to work out problems she had with her first one. She is adding a form to give her coiling strength to hold its shape.


Polly Jacobs Giacchina is currently working with random weave technique. She got out her torch for patinas on copper with rivets.


Kathy Nida has started a new desert quilt, chosen from five designs she put on her Patreon, a community that helps support her art. She’s started picking fabrics…with the help of Kitten.

IMG_4509 small.jpg

Stay tuned for more in-progress views from our members.

More of A Matter of Time, Soka University

A Matter of Time continues at Soka University through January 7, 2019, but if you can't make it or just want a teaser of the real thing, here's the work that's shown there.

Below are Mary Beth Schwartzenberger's 4 seasonal pieces, Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Below are Peggy Wiedemann's pieces:

Shake It Up


Altering Course

Time Marches On

The Tribe

Below are Polly Jacobs Giacchina's works

21 Weeks

Data from the Past



Time Flies


The Tides Lull

Time Leaves Its Shadows

Linda Anderson's


Brecia Kralovic-Logan's work from the

Celebrate the Crone series: Memory

From the

Totem, Talisman, and Trinket series: Trinket

Michael F. Rohde's pieces





Julie Kornblum's



Kathy Nida's

Heart-Shaped Box

I Can't Be Your Superwoman

Holding It All In

All Stacked Up in My Head

Rebecca Smith's work

Time to Rise

Night Fire

Islands in the Stream of Consciousness

Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee's

Marking Time #7

Carrie Burckle's

Memento Mori-shirt plackets

Memento Mori-blue cuffs

Memento Mori-collars

Gail Fraser's

Tick-Tock, Hem and Haw!

Susan Henry,

Red Sky

Charlotte Bird's


Migration Installation

Cameron Taylor-Brown's work

Colors of Gujarat: Common Threads #2

LAVAfolds #2

Reflections: Giverny #1

Ashley Blalock's


Lydia Tjioe Hall's

One a Day 2014

A Matter of Time Opening at Soka University

California Fibers currently has an exhibit, A Matter of Time, at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, California, through January 7, 2019. Below are some photos from the installation and opening. Many thanks to Gail Fraser and the Soka University photographer for the photos. Pictures of all the work will follow.

Artists Cameron Taylor Brown, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, Charlotte Bird, and Rebecca Smith on installation day. 

Artist Lydia Tjioe Hall installing 365 days of art.

Artist Carrie Burckle installing one of her pieces.

Artists Polly Jacobs Giacchina and Charlotte Bird reviewing installation of Bird's piece.

All the artists who were present at the opening.

Viewers with Jacobs Giacchina's work.

A viewer with Marybeth Schwartzenberger's work.

Viewers with Tjioe Hall's work.

The exhibit includes boxes with small art by each of the participating artists.

Viewers with Peggy Wiedemann's work.

Viewers with Linda Anderson's work.

Viewers with Kathy Nida's work.

A viewer with Ashley Blalock's work.

Charlotte Bird (left), Kathy Nida (center), and Michael F. Rohde (right)

Viewers with Bird's work.