As a dyer, I work with water, which I feel largely represents who I am. Water is flowing and reflective, adaptive, nurturing and calming. As much as water can be soothing, it can also be unpredictable. The element of surprise is one of the qualities that I appreciate most about Shibori. During this process, I enjoy relinquishing control and allowing the cloth and dye to have a voice of their own. This spontaneity produces an organic and fluid effect that I find captivating. 

I am someone with an explorative spirit so this medium is ideal because it allows for ample opportunities for experimentation.  At the beginning of my process, I am often inspired by the universal patterns, as well as the colors, found within the natural world. The two patterns found within nature that I am most drawn to are water and wood. I am always mesmerized at how the grain in wood looks identical to ripples in a lake, and I love translating that into textiles. Designs from various cultures and art movements are also significant to my aesthetic. I utilize these elements, along with a non traditional color palette, to influence my designs.