California Fibers: Time, Blackboard Gallery, Studio Channel Islands

California Fibers' newest show is Time, currently on exhibit at the Blackboard Gallery, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, California, through May 6. A gallery walkthrough is scheduled on Thursday, April 6, at 5:30 PM with Michael Rohde, and a panel discussion with Carrie Burckle,  Mary Beth Schwartzenberger, Cameron Taylor-Brown, and Lori Zimmerman is planned for Saturday, April 22 at 1 PM.

The opening was this last weekend. Below are some photos of the work and the people...

Michael F Rohde with his piece Grace.

Lori Zimmerman with her piece Quarter Jacket.

Polly Jacobs Giacchina with her piece Time Flies.

A closeup of her piece...

Lydia Tjioe Hall's piece One a Day July 2014.

Lynne Hodgman's piece Timely Phoenemes.

A view of the gallery opening, including Kathy Nida's Holding It All In on the right.

Lydia Tjioe Hall's piece again, with the artist and a friend.

A view of one wall of the gallery, with Carrie Burckle's Rend 2, then Tjioe Hall's piece, Gail Fraser's Ripple Effect, and Rebecca Smith's Night Fire on the facing wall.

A viewer and Kathy Nida's Give Me Time, with Peggy Weidemann's Time Marches On on the wall behind and Spring Forward on the pedestal.

Here are Weidemann's pieces close up.

A gallery view of Hodgman's piece on the left, Ashley Blalock's Keeping Up Appearances in the corner, Linda Anderson's Waiting and Becoming, and Burckle's piece from another view.

On the left is Doshi's Autumnal Face, while viewers cluster around Zimmerman's jacket.

Here's another view of Doshi's Autumnal Face.

A different view of Blalock's piece, with Linda Anderson's Waiting and Becoming.

Blalock's piece, Anderson's Waiting, and Nida's Holding It All In.

Doshi's Bare Branches on the left, Mary Beth Schwartzenberger's Inscription in the middle, and Zimmerman's Too Good to Waste on the right.

Doshi's Bare Branches...

Fraser with her piece Rachel Carson's Song.

Here's Rachel Carson's Song and Jacobs Giacchina's piece.

Artist Carrie Burckle listening to an exhibit viewer, with Rohde's piece Grace and Cameron Taylor-Brown's Colors of Gujarat: Common Threads #2 in the background.

Here are Rohde's and Taylor-Brown's pieces

On the left is Anderson's Becoming with Burckle's Rend 2 in the distance. Doshi's Spring Beauty is on the right.

Charlotte Bird's Habitat Granite 2 is on the left, with her Forest Primeval on the right. Burckle's Remnant is between the two.

Tjioe Hall's piece Suspended Time.

On the left is Schwartzenberger's piece Meadow, with Blalock's and Anderson's pieces in the background.

Stop by the gallery and see the show, or come by for the gallery walk or the panel discussion. Another post will follow with closeups of the work.