How We Work

At a recent California Fibers' meeting, members discussed how we work, what process we use to get the work done. We tried to get it down to 10 words or less, but some of us are just wordy. From that discussion and followup emails, we'll be presenting some of our artists' processes over the next few posts...and think about it. How would you describe YOUR process in 10 words or less?

Cameron Taylor-Brown says, “I work in series. My creative process is a conversation between me, my thematic inspiration, and the materials.  It goes like this:

(Observe, collect, play, sample) repeat...
Scale up
(Observe, make) repeat...”

The Weaver's Hands

Peggy Wiedemann says, "Think, idea, gather materials, plan, start, change, evolve, finish."

Exploring Too

Lynne Hodgman says, "Read, photograph, think, write, transfer, compose, cut, layer, stitch, wrap!"

Oceanic Grammar

Keep your eyes open for the next installment in how we work...