California Fibers, founded in 1970,
supports artistic growth and professional advancement
for contemporary Southern California fiber artists.


The imagination and superb craftsmanship of these artists place them in the highest echelon in
their fields. The group has an extensive exhibition history in the USA and abroad. Many of its members are well-represented in museums and private collections and are recipients of prestigious awards from around the world. Their creative expression includes weaving, basketry, sculpture, quilting, embroidery, felting, surface design, knitting, crochet, wearables and mixed media.

Our site, including our blog feature, provides information about past, current and archived exhibits. We’d like to share with you – whether you’re a collector, curator, gallery owner, museum director, artist, or enthusiast – information about the scope of our work nationally and internationally. We are committed to enlarging and educating our audience in contemporary fiber art practices.



Read more about who we are,
our practice and methods, and the results of our decades of mutual support and advocacy.



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